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Onsite Pad Repair for GymBox


Onsite Gym Pad Repair


GymBox, Stratford, London


We have maintained the upholstery for the GymBox chain since 2010. After originally working with just one site looking for an affordable alternative to buying new pads from the manufacturers, we were quickly recommended to the rest of the clubs in the chain.

Each club is dealt with on a personal level, rather than through head office for example.  A typical example is a recent project for the Stratford club in London:

We received an email from Dominic At the GymBox Stratford site requesting an onsite visit to sort out issues on seven damaged pads.  A team attended site and removed three of the pads as we didn’t want all the machines out of action at the same time.

The pads were then taken out to the mobile workshop. As this site is in a shopping centre location, parking on site is not possible so the team parked nearby and used the on-board generator to power the equipment in the van necessary to quickly re-upholster the pads to meet the same standards as the originals.  These three pads were then taken back and refitted to the machines and the remaining four pads were then taken to the van for the same treatment.

In under an hour the work was complete, the team got the job signed off and the gym was looking great again with hardly any disruption its normal running.

Not only is this a quicker and cheaper alternative to buying new pads, but all different makes and models of equipment can be dealt with by our teams in the same visit.

Here’s what Dominic Rowley, Deputy Manager at GymBox Stratford had to say about our service:

“I have used Gymwizard for two years in my current role of Deputy Manager at Gymbox in Stratford, and they always communicate with quotes, lead time, ETA very quickly (easily within 24hours). The work itself is always at a very good standard and in the last two years we haven’t had to re-upholster many of the pads on our gym equipment that they have worked on previously. Which with over 3500+ members says a lot about their standard of work. Overall, Gymwizard are a fantastic company for upholstery – quick, efficient and overall amazing standards.”

Dominic Rowley – GymBox Stratford, London