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NHS Trust Hospital Upholstery Repair Services

Save Money by Restoring Your Hospital Upholstery

Restore Your Hospital Upholstery

Working from our mobile workshops allows us to visit any hospital in order to repair, replace and restore upholstered medical furniture. The MediWizard service is readily available for all NHS Trust and private hospitals. The cost of our service is a fraction of the price you would pay for new equipment. We carry out the repairs on-site and aim to get the job done the same day, minimising disruption so that you can carry on operating smoothly.

Hospital Uphosltery Repair Range

Hospital Bed Repair
Hospital Bed Repair

We are a fast, professional, reliable hospital bed repair service near you. We are closer than you think!

Hospital Plinth Repair
Hospital Plinth Repair

Our hospital-grade, antibacterial materials are ideal for injecting new life into your hospital plinths, couches and tables.

Hospital Chair Repair
Hospital Chair Repair

No matter the condition, our experienced technicians are on hand to restore your ageing nurses’ chairs, raisers/recliners and exam chairs.

Examination Beds Upholstery

Before and after pictures of a project in Kent to repair and reupholster examination beds in a children’s ward of a care and education centre. See more images of recent projects on our gallery page.

Hospital Recent Upholstery Project

Hospital Upholstery Materials

Your patients deserve the best quality of comfort and hospital furniture is an important part of that. Old and worn out beds and chairs can appear unprofessional and risk being unhygienic. Our affordable reupholstery solutions use the best hospital grade upholstery fabric to help prevent infection and promote a more professional appearance. Our technicians are waiting to work their magic and get your upholstery back to its best. 

Infection Control

Ripped coverings and exposed fabrics can lead to the growth of microorganisms within your furniture. Prevent the spread of diseases by restoring your hospital furniture.


Take advantage of our affordable service without compromising on quality – our antimicrobial vinyl is waterproof, stain-resistant and built to last.

Vinyl Colours Service

With our comprehensive range of colours, we can help colour match your existing fabrics or help you choose a new style altogether.

Call 01535 633100 to book a site visit

Book our re-upholstery service for your hospital today, so you can get back to providing the best care tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have furniture from lots of different manufacturers – is this an issue for you?
A: Not at all – our skilled upholsterers have a wealth of experience recovering a huge variety of furniture makes and models.
Q: Our furniture requires a specific brand of material – are you still able to re-upholster our equipment using our material?
A: Yes of course – when you book just mention the material you need and we can order it or speak to the procurement team within your facility about suppliers and quantities required.
Q: Are your materials suitable for hospitals?
A: Yes – we use only the best foam materials and vinyls for all of our repairs. They are built to last, designed to be durable, easy to clean and protect against the spread of bacteria and viruses. 

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